Some Famennian (Upper Devonian) ammonoids from north western Europe

Price, Jonathan David

December 1982

Thesis or dissertation

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Famennian (Upper Devonian) ammonoids and their biostratigraphy are reviewed, with particular reference to the Sauerland and Oberfranken, West Germany. Most european species of the Order Clymeniida are described. The Famennian ammonoid zonal scheme is rationalised and within it 23 faunal levels are proposed. Ammonoid zones and conodont zones are correlated, and the rhomboidea (conodont) zone is newly recognised to be coeval with the curvispina zone. The following genera and subgenera are dealt with in detail: Progonioclymenia, Endosiphonites, Sellaclymenia, Biloclymenia, Gonioclymenia (Gon.), Gonioclymenia (Kalloclymenia), Sphenoclymenia, Platyclymenia (Plat.), Plat. (Pleuroclymenia), Plat. (TrigonocIymenia), Sulcoclymenia, PiricIymenia, Ornatoclymenia, Cyrtoclymenia, Protactoclymenia, Carinoclymenia, Clymenia, Protoxtclymenia, Kosmoclymenia, Genuclymenia, Cymaclymenia, Genn. Nov. D, E, and F. In most cases the types of the type species are illustrated photographically for the first time. The following generic names are recognised to have been wrongly interpreted in the past, and, where necessary new names have been proposed: Kalloclymenia, Biloclymenia, Rectoclymenia and Falciclymenia. Two new subgenera and one new genus are proposed, and two generic names, Protactoclymenia and Endosiphonites, have been revived. Kosmoclymenia is split into four species groups by its ornament and Cymaclymenia has been split into three species groups. Two widely used specific names are recognised to have been placed in the wrong genus; sedgwicki Münster is a Pseudoclymenia (a goniatite), and serpentina Münster is a Protoxyclymenia.

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