Finding North

Clarke, John Wedgwood

North and South; Culture Café
8 November 2014


(c) The University of Hull

What is Northerness? Where does it begin and end? Are parts of the South more like the North than others, and if so, what are the things they have in common that bring them together - religion, art, sport, a certain stubborn pride in being different? While not offering answers to these questions, John Wedgwood Clarke has made a habit of exploring topographical and metaphorical territories of the North through his poetry, and opening up links between them and his native Cornwall. In this session, he’ll be talking about how he’s used sites in Yorkshire to explore themes of being ‘in between’, ecology, embodied language and the transformative effects of the otherness of place. He’ll draw from recent commissions and Arts Council-funded public art projects including, York Curiouser, Sea Swim, Dictionary of Stone and Watercycle. John Wedgwood Clarke’s first full collection, Ghost Pot, explores the North Yorkshire Coast between Flamborough and Saltburn and was described as ‘a masterpiece that rewards continual rereading’ by Bernard O’Donoghue.

Dr John Wedgwood Clarke is lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Hull and regularly collaborates with artists, curators and scientists on public art projects. In 2011-12 he was Leverhulme Poet in Residence at the Marine Biology Department at the University of Hull. His first full collection Ghost Pot was published in 2013. It was selected as an Emerging Voice' by the Poetry Book Society and for Read Regional by New Writing North. He has also published two pamphlets: Sea Swim (2012) and In Between (2014).

Department of English, University of Hull
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