Type-D personality and cardiovascular illness

Oliver, Sarah Louise

Clinical psychology
June 2014

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio thesis comprises of three parts: a systematic literature review, an empirical report and supporting appendices.

Part one is a systematic literature review of empirical papers examining current literature on the psychophysiological and behavioural mechanisms by which type-D personality influences health outcomes in the cardiovascular population. The findings of the review are discussed in relation to theory and the conceptual issues surrounding the validity of individual psychophysiological and behavioural mechanisms. The review concludes with recommendations for clinical practice and future research.

Part two is an empirical report of a study that used quantitative methodology to examine type-D personality as a potential predictor of quality of life in an atrial fibrillation population. In addition, the study investigates the role of illness perceptions as a mediator in the relationship between type-D personality and quality of life. The findings are discussed in relation to clinical implications. Methodological limitations and areas of future research are also identified.

Part three comprises supporting appendices. These include a statement reflecting on the research process and supplementary information pertaining to the literature review and empirical study.

Department of Psychological Health and Wellbeing, The University of Hull
Frizelle, Dorothy J.
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