The integration of graphic organizers into writing workshops : perceptions of Saudi second language learners

Binmahboob, Thamer A.

July 2014

Thesis or dissertation

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This thesis presents an evaluation of the effectiveness of applying the concept of graphic organizers as a pre-writing tool for Saudi second language learners. Second language learners in Saudi Arabia encounter problems that affect their coherence negatively while writing; for example, a lack of focus on the main ideas, repetition of ideas and an inability to deliver ideas logically related to the main theme. Thus, applying graphic organizers as a pre-writing tool is one solution that could solve this type of problem.

In September 2012, the researcher conducted a mixed method approach to gathering data. A focus group, questionnaire and multiple baseline design experiment were the tools used in the research. The sample involved second language learners at the Translation and Languages College at Kind Saud University in Riyadh. The sample comprised 76 second-year male students.

The research revealed that applying graphic organizers as a pre-writing tool is an effective technique for enhancing and increasing the coherence level of second language learners’ writing. The ability to visualize the ideas in front of the writers was the main key issue that affected their writing positively. Graphic organizers managed to enable the participants to focus on their main ideas while writing, avoid repetition, and organize their ideas logically. Furthermore, applying graphic organizers was unexpected help to the teachers. They were able to check their students’ track easily and in a short time.

Centre for Educational Studies, The University of Hull
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