Domesday facsimile 1c

Palmer, John; Palmer, Matthew; Slater, George

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Digital images of the Ordnance Survey facsimile of Domesday Book, organised by Domesday counties as originally published by the Ordnance Survey between 1861 and 1864. The 31 counties of Great Domesday comprise 383 folios (766 images), the 3 of Little Domesday 451 folios and an equal number of images.

The images of Great Domesday were published in Domesday Explorer, edited by John and Matthew Palmer and George Slater (Phillimore, 2000), and are also now available online at Images from both Great Domesday and Little Domesday are now also available through the author (those from Little Domesday for the first time).
Bedfordshire; Berkshire; Buckinghamsire; Cambridgeshire; Cheshire; Cornwall; Derbyshire; Devon; Dorset; Essex; Gloucestershire; Hampshire; Herefordshire; Hertfordshire; Huntingdonshire; Kent; Leicestershire; Lincolnshire; Middlesex; Norfolk; Northamptonshire; Nottinghamshire; Oxfordshire; Rutland; Shropshire; Somerset; Staffordshire; Suffolk; Surrey; Sussex; Warwickshire; Wiltshire; Worcestershire; Yorkshire
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Images 1c.doc documents the table ImageFrames.mdb (ImageFrames.txt as text file) which provides coordinates allowing each of the 23692 Domesday entries to be displayed as separate images; DomesdayTextbase 1b translates each entry; DomesdayTextbase 1a documents the Textbase.
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