The experiences of stopping self-harm in adults

Rowland, Chloe Margaret

Clinical psychology
June 2014

Thesis or dissertation

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The portfolio has three parts. Parts one and two are conceptually linked by their focus on self-harm and the cessation of the practice.

Part one is a systematic literature review. Each individual’s self-harm experience is unique to them but there has been research that has shown that there are similarities between each experience. The systematic literature review examines the views and experiences of those who practice the behaviour with a view to identifying any similarities and discrepancies.

Part two is an empirical paper. The therapies that have been studied for their effect on self-harm behaviours have failed to yield results that show that any one approach is consistent in decreasing the frequency and/or intensity of the behaviour. The empirical paper reports a study that explored the experiences of 8 adults who had previously self-harmed but no longer did so. It was hoped that the themes and any commonalities between the experiences would provide insight into what is poignant for the individuals when stopping the behaviour and that this would contribute to the on-going work helping people to no longer use the behaviour.

Part three comprises the appendices.

Department of Clinical Psychology, The University of Hull
Hutchinson, Nick
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