Assessing the effectiveness of the programme, Higher Diploma in Computer Studies offered by the City University of Hong Kong : an application of the 'CIPP' evaluation model

Wong, Pak Keung Patrick

April 2002

Thesis or dissertation

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This study evaluated the programme Higher Diploma in Computer Studies offered by the City University of Hong Kong. The evaluation aims to ascertain the effectiveness of the programme curriculum in accordance with the industry needs and requirements. This is a descriptive study, which utilizes Stufflebeam's (1971) context, input, process, and product (CIPP) evaluation model. Context evaluation serves planning decisions by helping to determine what needs are to be addressed and by defining the objectives for an educational programme. Input evaluation serves structuring decisions by helping to determine what resources are available and what alternative strategies for the programme should be considered. Process evaluation serves implementing decisions by determining how well the plan is being implemented and identifying possible revisions needed. Product evaluation serves recycling decisions by determining the results that were obtained, both intended and unintended and assessing how well the initially identified needs have been met. Questionnaires were developed to obtain information needed for the four types of evaluations from stakeholders of the programme. They were the employers of the programme graduates, the programme graduates, the current students, and the teachers of the programme. The findings from this study revealed that the programme is still in great demand in the Hong Kong Society, the programme is producing the right kind of graduate for the job market, and the programme objectives have been met accordingly. This study has also identified some operational aspects needing improvement. The programme should not position itself as a terminal qualification, but some form of bridging programme should be developed to allow graduates to further pursue a degree level qualification.

Institute for Learning, The University of Hull
Moore, J. L.; Wright, Nigel
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City University of Hong Kong
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