Conceptualizing trust in electoral behaviour in a transitional democracy

Susila, Ihwan

September 2014

Thesis or dissertation

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This study explored how Indonesian voters’ perceptions about trust have changed over time and what factors affect their trust in the context of transitional democracy. This study identifies the antecedents of trust in the context of electoral behaviour in democratic transition in Indonesia and extends Dermody and Hanmer-Lloyd’s model of electoral behaviour (Dermody and Hanmer-Lloyd, 2005a; b), which seeks to explain the relationship between trust and electoral behaviour. An intergenerational perspective was used in this study to compare and contrast the differences between parents who are familiar with the previous political system and children who have only been exposed to a new democratic system. This study provides an empirical model of trust in electoral behaviour based on the grounded theory approach involving 32 voters who are parent-child pairs. This model operationalizes the antecedents of trust, distrust, and the relationship between trust and electoral behaviour. This study identified that trust falls into two categories, namely trust in political system and trust in political candidate. The results of this study indicate in Indonesia parents have adapted to the new political system well; however young people, in line with extant literature, remain cynical about the political system and political candidates. This study contributes to operationalize trust in electoral behaviour and argued that trust is crucial for engagement in electoral behaviour in a transitional democracy. For policy maker, reducing distrust in political system is very important to develop a healthy democracy whilst for politicians they need to have a good characteristic and capabilities to ensure that the political candidates are elected.

Business School, The University of Hull
Dean, Dianne; Harness, David R.
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Indonesia. Direktorat Pendidikan Tinggi
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