Exploring the experience of psychogenic syncope following diagnosis

Hansen, Bente Synnøve

Clinical psychology
January 2015

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio has three parts.

I. Part one is a systematic literature review entitled ‘What are the psychological factors associated with psychogenic syncope or psychogenic non-epileptic seizures? Psychological factors that appear to be commonly linked to syncopal events of unknown medical origin are explored in relation to psychogenic syncope. Studies have widely acknowledged psychological distress in this patient group. The prevalence of psychological factors and their impact on people remains uncertain. A systematic search of four databases identified eleven studies. The findings are summarised and discussed from various perspectives. Clinical implications and areas of future research are highlighted.

II. Part two is an empirical paper, utilising Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) entitled: ‘What are the experiences of people diagnosed with psychogenic syncope?’ The study explores peoples’ perspective of living with psychogenic syncope. A total of six people chose to participate in the study, which employed a semi-structured interview based on the self-regulation model (Leventhal, Nerenz & Steele, 1984). Five superordinate and seven subordinate themes emerged from the data. Peoples’ experience of psychogenic syncope was conceptualised by drawing on various theories in order to highlight a need for holistic healthcare practice. Wider psychosocial influences on people diagnosed with psychogenic syncope were also considered.

III. Part three comprises appendices relating to part one and part two. Included in this is an epistemological statement of the stance of the researcher, and a reflective statement on the process of conducting the research, and its challenges.

Department of Psychological Health and Wellbeing, The University of Hull
Frizelle, Dorothy J.
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