Introduction of multimedia project-based learning in a technology-rich environment : a study of teacher attitudes and influencing factors in basic education schools in Oman

Al-Hamdani, Dawood Salim


Thesis or dissertation

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In 1998 the government of Oman embarked on a major reform of the education system, to be implemented in stages. Key features of the new-style schools, called Basic Education schools, were to be a constructivist approach to teaching, and the integration of technologies across the curriculum. However, no clear model for integration was proposed.

The aim of this study is to explore factors influencing adoption of a constructivist, technology-rich approach in education, in order to propose a model for technology integration.

The research sample was composed of 200 Learning Resource Centre teachers in Basic schools in the regions in Oman.

Teachers' attitude towards elements of the new, before and after the provision of training and practice, were explored via a questionnaire using 3 and 5-point Likert scales. Attitude change was measured, and the effects of teaching experience, urban or rural residence and previous ICT training on attitude were explored. Additional qualitative information was gathered by structured observation of video-recorded lessons, and by interviews with 40 teachers.

Teachers were generally favourable towards the new approach, but lacked confidence in how to implement. After the training, there was a marked increase in positive attitude for all elements except IT goals. Attitudes and practice towards constructivist were found to be influenced by teachers' years of experience, with more experienced teachers being less amenable to change. Other factors such as technology problems and student misbehaviour were also perceived as significant constraint. Recommendations are made for overcoming these problems.

Department of Education Studies, The University of Hull
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