The impact of a temporary stoma on an individual's self-concept

Youngman, Kristen

Clinical psychology
December 2015

Thesis or dissertation

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The portfolio thesis is divided into three parts;

Part One
A systematic literature review – What is known about the lived experience of having a stoma? – A systematic review of qualitative literature
The systematic literature review aimed to consider what is known about the lived experience of having a stoma. A systematic search of electronic databases found 13 suitable articles for review. The qualitative articles were analysed using a narrative synthesis and the impact of the stoma on five main areas of lived experience were discussed. The implications of these areas of impact are discussed within the context of providing care for individuals.

Part Two
An empirical research paper – The impact of a temporary stoma on an individual’s self-concept.
The empirical paper aimed to use qualitative methodology to understand the experiences of individuals with a temporary stoma, and in particular the impact of the temporary stoma on their self-concept. Eight individuals were interviewed, and following use of Thematic Analysis (Braun & Clarke, 2006), five superordinate and 13 subordinate (major and minor) themes were identified. The superordinate themes related to the impact of the stoma on the three areas of self-concept, the wider impact of the stoma, and how the temporary nature of the stoma is adjusted to. The superordinate themes were Balanced Perspectives and Future Thinking, with the subordinate themes encompassing these in further detail. The results were discussed in context of the current literature with reference to future research and recommendations to services made.

Part Three
Part Three consists of the appendices associated with the systematic literature review and empirical paper.

Department of Psychological Health and Wellbeing, The University of Hull
Glover, Lesley
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