Animated sketches for flight over the Pennant Plateau, north of Port Talbot, Wales, UK.

Lesage, Pierre-Loup

Digital cartography; Non-photorealistic rendering; Image-processed sketches from Digital Terrain Models

Moving image

Data: Crown copyright reserved, Ordnance Survey (GB); Video animation: (c) Pierre-Loup Lesage, 1999

Lesage (1999) was the first to render convincing sketches of terrain from images of illuminated digital terrain models and produce mpeg videos to demonstrate that it was possible to create smooth and seamless flights over sketched terrain. His proof of concept videos were demonstrated at his MSc viva voce and exhibited by his supervisor, Mahes Visvalingam, at two Friday evening discourses at the Royal Institution in 1999 and 2000.

This is a 10-metre resolution sample data set, made freely available by the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain. Visvalingam and Dowson (1998) selected this test data because it provides a challenge with its eroded and irregular plateau, and the fluvial and glacial deposits which mask the lower edges.

The University of Hull
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