Sibling separation and birth family reunion in adoption : perspectives of social workers and adoptees

Fallon, Lorna Kristin

Health sciences; Social work; Clinical psychology
June 2017

Thesis or dissertation

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This thesis portfolio is comprised of three parts:

Part One – Systematic Literature Review
The systematic literature review explored adoptees’ experiences of reunions with birth
relatives in adulthood. Thirteen studies were identified to be reviewed through a
systematic search of electronic databases. A narrative synthesis of the findings related to
the types of relationships developed, impact of the reunion and factors that facilitated or
hindered this process is provided. A review of methodological quality of the research is
also offered. Important clinical implications, including a role for clinical psychologists,
and recommendations for future research are identified.

Part Two – Empirical Paper
The empirical paper explored social workers’ experiences of deciding how to place
siblings for adoption using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). Four
superordinate and twelve subordinate themes were identified, which describe
participants’ experiences of making decisions, and the role of their experiences and
beliefs in the decision-making process. The findings are discussed in relation to theory
and a decision-making model. Clinical implications and suggestions for future research
are discussed.

Part Three – Appendices
The appendices provide supporting documentation that are important for the systematic
literature review and empirical paper, plus a reflective statement and an epistemological

School of Health and Social Work, The University of Hull
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