Transition and adjustment : personal and societal influences on the identity of ex-military amputees

Guilding, Jessica

Health sciences; Social work; Clinical psychology
June 2017

Thesis or dissertation

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This thesis is split into three parts; a systematic literature review, an empirical research paper and a set of appendices.

Part one contains a systematic literature review of the factors which help or hinder military personnel adjusting to civilian life. Fifteen Articles published in the UK, USA and Canada were reviewed. The results are discussed in relation to one another and the psychological understanding of adjustment. The implications of the findings on clinical practice and future research are then discussed.

Part two is a piece of original qualitative research exploring the experiences of ex-military amputees. It aims to consider the social and personal perspectives which influenced their adjustment and identity. Five individuals were interviewed and their transcripts were analysed using narrative analysis. The clinical implications of the findings and suggestions for future research are then discussed. Ways to build more positive societal perspectives of ex-military amputees are also considered.

Part three contains a complete set of appendices, referenced throughout the previous two parts.

School of Health and Social Work, The University of Hull
Alexander, Tim (Clinical psychologist); Kelly, Janet (Lecturer in healthcare law and ethics); Wilson, Claire
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