Bio-signal data gathering, management and analysis within a patient-centred health care context

Munnoch, Robert Alexander

Computer science
December 2017

Thesis or dissertation

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The healthcare service is under pressure to do more with less, and changing the way the service is modelled could be the key to saving resources and increasing efficacy. This change could be possible using patient-centric care models. This model would include straightforward and easy-to-use telemonitoring devices and a flexible data management structure. The structure would maintain its state by ingesting many sources of data, then tracking this data through cleaning and processing into models and estimates to obtaining values from data which could be used by the patient. The system can become less disease-focused and more health-focused by being preventative in nature and allowing patients to be more proactive and involved in their care by automating the data management. This work presents the development of a new device and a data management and analysis system to utilise the data from this device and support data processing along with two examples of its use. These are signal quality and blood pressure estimation. This system could aid in the creation of patient-centric telecare systems.

School of Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Hull
Jiang, Ping; Davis, Darryl N., 1955-
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