The transition to adulthood and adult services for young people with intellectual disabilities : multiple perspectives

Doski, Ava

Clinical psychology
June 2018

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio thesis consists of three parts:

Part one - Systematic Literature Review
The systematic literature explores and conceptualises the existing empirical literature relating to parent’s experiences of the transition to adulthood for their child with intellectual disabilities. A systematic search identified 16 studies relevant for this review. The transition process to adulthood is often accompanied by a number of processes, includes parental involvement and has psychological and financial impact on parents. The data was synthesised using a narrative synthesis approach, including the methodological critique of the studies. Conclusions from the evidence base are drawn, and implications for future research are considered.

Part two - Empirical Paper
The empirical paper explored the experiences of residential staff and healthcare professionals that have worked with young adults with intellectual disabilities who have been in the care of the Local Authority and transitioned to adult services. A qualitative approach was adopted, primarily a thematic analysis. Three superordinate and nine subordinate themes were identified. Participants’ experiences of the transition to adult services included what adulthood meant for young adults with intellectual disabilities once they departed from the care system, how transitions to adult services begin, and an absence of person-centred care occurs in adult services. The findings are discussed in the context of relevant theoretical and empirical literature, and the implications for services and future research are discussed.

Part three - Appendices
The appendices section provides a set of appendices relating to both the systematic literature review and the empirical paper. Also included in the appendices is an epistemological statement and a reflective statement, which consider the researcher’s experiences of conducting the empirical paper research.

School of Health and Social Work, The University of Hull
Hutchinson, Nick
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