Exploring self-harm in young people and university students

McGuire, Conor

Clinical psychology
June 2018

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio thesis consist of three parts; a systematic literature review, an empirical report and supporting appendices.

Part one is a systematic literature review in which empirical papers that study the relationship between identity in adolescents and self-harm is reviewed. A systematic search of databases identified eight studies. A narrative synthesis of the findings was produced alongside the methodological quality of the articles. The implications of the review and directions for future research are discussed.

Part two is an empirical paper which used a qualitative methodology to explore possible continua which exist in the narratives of university students who have experiences of self-harm. The paper used a categorical-content and holistic-form analysis to investigate the narratives. The findings are discussed and implications for future research proposed.

Part three consists of the appendices which support the systematic literature review and the empirical paper. The appendices also include a reflective statement which focuses on the research process.

School of Health and Social Work, The University of Hull
Glover, Lesley
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