Physiotherapy goal setting in anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation : an exploration of training, practice and beliefs

Alexanders, Jenny

Sports science
April 2018

Thesis or dissertation

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Despite the growing interest into the role of physiotherapists providing psychological interventions within anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), literature surrounding goal setting practices within this field is minimal. The main purpose of this research was to explore physiotherapists’ approaches, training and beliefs into goal setting practices used within ACL rehabilitation. The thesis consisted of seven chapters, two of which were empirical studies. The empirical chapters aimed to gain further insight into physiotherapists understanding on the psychological aspects of patients following ACL surgery, theoretical knowledge of goal setting, experiences of implementing goals, training received on goal setting and future training needs. Study four involved a UK cross sectional online survey of one hundred and twenty four physiotherapists (N=124). The survey provided an insight of perceptions and goal setting approaches used within ACL rehabilitation. These findings were further explored in study five which involved a UK semi-structured interview study including twenty four physiotherapists (N=24), using an inductive approach. Study five provided a much deeper understanding in to physiotherapist’s goal setting practices, training and experiences within ACL rehabilitation and also revealed issues surrounding the initial consultation process. The research findings were conceptualised into a theoretical, innovative goal setting model. The goal of this model is to outline a multi-phase conceptual model of an appropriate ACL rehabilitation goal setting strategy for physiotherapists in an attempt to guide both practice, teaching and research.

Department of Sport, Health and Exercise Science, The University of Hull
Douglas, Caroline; Perry, John L. (Sport psychologist)
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