Decolonising the city

26 March 2019


A digital repository of the Horizon 2020 project ECHOES (European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities). A complete collection of papers, articles, peer-reviewed publications, books and other media produced by the Team during the lifetime of the project.

ECHOES addresses a pressing dilemma at the heart of contemporary Europe: the fact that while the history of empires and colonialism undoubtedly constitutes a shared European past, this past remains strangely silent in official narratives about Europe’s ‘heritage’. ECHOES proposes that the memory and heritage of colonialism needs to find its place in our contemporary narratives of Europe. Crucially, it should do so in ways which make these productive elements in Europe’s ongoing engagement with the wider world, not an uncomfortable silence haunting Europe’s changing forms of activity on the global stage.

The University of Hull
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