Methodological toolkit

Andersen, Casper, 1977-; Timm Knudsen, Britta; Kølvraa, Christoffer

ECHOES Project

Project report; ECHOES Project; Methodology; Colonialism; Post colonialism; Policy
15 March 2019


©2019 ECHOES project

This document represents the ‘Methodological toolkit’ for the Horizon2020 Project ECHOES; European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities. The ECHOES Project brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines and nationalities and entails cases in cityscapes from Asia, Africa and South America and from Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern Europe. ECHOES focuses on various forms and levels of engagements with colonial heritage from local street performances to EU political discourse. The overall aim is to investigate decolonial heritage practices outside Europe in former colonized territories with multiple and different histories of colonialisms as well as to look at decolonial practices inside Europe while keeping in mind the very different trajectories of the different European colonial projects. The fact that Europe’s colonial past is simultaneously present as an undeniable heritage in its cities, institutions and international relationships, and also constantly ‘echoed’ back to it from the former colonized ‘outside’ constitutes both the challenge and the promise of the ECHOES project; to look for way in which to engage a decolonized future by seeking inspiration in how the colonial past is managed, transformed and worked on by various artistic, political, heritage or civil actors in cityscapes within and beyond the with European continent.

University of Hull
Peer reviewed
Additional notes
Full list of contributors: Andersen, Casper; Bianchi Aguia, Leila; Botas, Ana; Buettner, Elizabeth; Chuva, Márcia; Fonseca, Brenda; Gianolla, Cristiano; Głowacka-Grajper, Małgorzata; Grinberg, Keila; Ifversen, Jan; Joffe, Daniela Franca; Madjoub, Dalila; Montenegro Magalhães, Aline; Nonbo Andersen, Astrid; Oldfield, John; Peixoto, Paulo; Raggi, Giuseppina; Sancho Querol, Lorena; Santana Rabello de Castro, Fernanda; Schütz, Marine; Severo, Rosário; Shepherd, Nick; Wawrzyniak, Joanna; Pilarski, Piotr. This work forms part of the ECHOES project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 770248.
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