The relationship between compassion, burnout and well-being in teachers and other professionals

Hadgett, Laura Felicity

Clinical psychology
May 2019

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio thesis is comprised of three parts, a systematic literature review, an empirical report and supporting appendices.

Part one is a systematic literature review which quantifies the relationship between self-compassion and burnout in a range of professionals. The review additionally aimed to analyse the moderating effect of age and gender on this relationship. A systematic search identified seventeen papers for inclusion and a meta-analysis determined an overall effect size for the relationship between self-compassion and burnout. Three random effect meta-regressions were also carried out to test moderating effects. A review of methodological quality is also provided. Findings are discussed within the context of implications for the field of research and for clinical practice, with consideration of areas for further research.

Part two is an empirical report, which uses quantitative methodology to explore the role of self-compassion, compassion to others and compassion from others in predicting levels of well-being and burnout in teachers. The research also aimed to determine if the fear of receiving compassion from others had a moderating effect on the relationship between compassion from others, burnout and well-being. The findings of the study are also outlined and discussed in relation to relevant theory, implications in the context of future research and interventions aimed at reducing burnout and increasing well-being in teachers and in educational settings.

Part three consists of appendices relating to the systematic literature review and the empirical report. It additionally includes epistemological and reflective statements.

Department of Psychological Health, Wellbeing and Social Work, The University of Hull
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