Digital Archiving Services: a University White Paper

Awre, Christopher; Giles, Laura

Digital archiving; Digital preservation; Samvera; Archivematica; CALM; Hyrax; Blacklight
January 2020


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One of the great advances enabled by information technology has been the ability to create documents and images, plus many other types of digital file, and to share information and knowledge using these. With continuing software developments, this ability has spread and the relative ease with which digital materials can be created has increased. The flipside of this advance has been a growing requirement for ways to store what has been created, especially over time. Solutions for effective ways to store digital materials are themselves developing, but the ability to proactively manage files over time so that they are not just stored, but also managed to enable access in the future, has been playing catch-up given the scale of digital growth. How can digital materials be effectively archived and have preservation actions carried out on them to ensure the materials continue to accessible and useful? This White Paper reviews the development of digital archiving at the University of Hull, and outlines the technical infrastructure put in place to serve these needs. It also looks at services that the University is exploring to support others in their take-up of digital archiving and preservation of their own collections.

University Library, The University of Hull
Peer reviewed
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