An exploration of families’ experiences of young people’s self-harm

Tattersdill, Lucy Rose

Clinical psychology
July 2021

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio thesis consists of three parts. Part one is a systematic literature review and part two is an empirical paper. Taken together they provide a greater understanding of the experiences of young people’s self-harm amongst parents and families. Part three forms the appendices.
Part One: A systematic literature review of parents’ experiences and understandings of self- harm amongst young people in the United Kingdom. The review identified ten articles and completed a narrative synthesis, which identified six themes. The review demonstrated the impact of self-harm on parents and the potential influence of parents in supporting their child with self-harm. It emphasised the importance of thinking and working systemically with self- harm and highlighted the need to challenge negative societal discourses regarding self-harm. Part Two: An empirical study exploring family experiences of adolescent self-harm within the context of having received a systemic family intervention. Four families (n = 8) completed non-directive interviews that were analysed using narrative analysis. The study found that significant life events precipitate self-harm, which is a significant cause of stress and difficulty amongst families. Different experiences of help-seeking were reported, but all families experienced a turning point associated with receiving a systemic family intervention and with changes within the family’s wider context. Implications of the research and areas for future research are discussed.
Part Three: Appendices relating to the systematic literature review and empirical paper, including all relevant documentation, a reflective statement and an epistemological statement.

Department of Psychological Health, Wellbeing and Social Work, The University of Hull
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