Learning from adoptive families : what are their experiences of children’s development and the support they receive?

Robinson, Chloe Alice

Clinical psychology
June 2021

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio consists of three parts. Part one is a systematic literature review and part two is an empirical paper, the combination of which provide greater insight into the experiences of adoptive families. Specifically, in the domains of post-adoption support and adoptive children’s development and support needs, addressing significant gaps in current literature and understanding. Part three forms the appendices.
Part One: A systematic literature review exploring UK adoptive families’ experiences of post-adoption support. The review synthesised findings from ten available studies, using narrative synthesis to generate themes and produce a final conceptual model reflecting parental experiences of post-adoption support. This model shows the systemic impact of experiences, and the review provides several recommendations for improving post-adoption support in line this and existing theory.
Part Two: A empirical study exploring parents’ experiences and perceptions of cognitive development in adoptive children with underdeveloped sensory systems. Parental experiences were explored in the context of a sensory-based intervention, aiming to rebuild these systems. This provided an understanding of the perceived influence of such an intervention on cognitive development contributing to a gap in research. Ten parents took part in semi-structured interviews following their child’s completion of a sensory-based intervention. Parents’ experiences of cognitive development supported existing theory and research, and further contributed new findings to the field, allowing beneficial suggestions for future research and clinical practice to be made.
Part Three: Appendices relating to both parts, including all relevant additional documentation, a reflective statement and epistemological statement.

Department of Psychological Health, Wellbeing and Social Work, The University of Hull
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