Entering a new era of surgical training : developing 3-dimensional print models for hands-on surgical training and its introduction into the congenital cardiac surgical curriculum

Hussein, Nabil

Medical sciences
August 2021

Thesis or dissertation

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Congenital heart surgery is a technically challenging subspecialty of cardiothoracic surgery. This is due to a combination of factors including the rarity and variety of pathology and the small patient size. This coupled with the increasing public scrutiny and the expectation of excellent patient outcomes for even the most complex pathologies has led to limitations for surgical trainees to develop their surgical competencies in an efficient manner. Simulation has been used successfully to develop technical skills in other surgical specialities but is limited in congenital heart surgery. The objectives of this work were to develop and integrate hands-on simulation methods into the training of congenital heart surgeons using anatomically accurate 3D-printed heart models and to use validated, objective assessment methods to measure performance. The simulation programme was successfully developed and integrated into the regular training of congenital heart surgeons. The objective assessments demonstrated that there was an improvement in procedural performance and time across multiple complex procedures following deliberate practice and rehearsal. Furthermore, surgeons who had participated in the programme retained their technical skills following a prolonged delay supporting the value of simulation. Overall, there is value in the incorporation of hands-on simulation training into congenital heart surgery and it has the potential to be integrated into training programmes globally.

Hull York Medical School, The University of Hull and the University of York
Loubani, Mahmoud; Ariyaratnam, Priyadharshanan
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