The neuropsychological assessment of cognitive decline following brain injury and in a cross-cultural sample

Gould, Hayley

Clinical psychology
August 2022

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio thesis comprises three parts. Part one is a systematic literature review and part two is an empirical paper. The overall aims of these parts are to evaluate the literature and add to the evidence base regarding the prediction of premorbid functioning during neuropsychological assessment. Part three forms the associated appendices.
Part One: A systematic quantitative literature review looking at the use of ‘hold’ tests and demographic variables to predict premorbid functioning, cross-culturally, in non-English speaking populations. The review looked at regression-based methods and identified twenty articles. The review demonstrated that several cross-cultural ‘hold’ tests have been developed using various methods that are described. It notes several limitations to the current evidence base and discusses the limitations in methodologies used. Clinical implications and avenues for further research are discussed.
Part Two: An empirical study looking to investigate the predictability of the RBANS from demographic variables and TOPFUK score to assist in the assessment of cognitive decline in clinical services. Multiple linear regression was used to analyse data obtained from a sample without neurological conditions (n=56) to derive regression models. The predictive power of these models was then assessed using Leave-One-Out Cross Validation. The models were, also, applied to a clinical sample (n=10) to assess their sensitivity to cognitive decline. Implications are discussed for neuropsychological assessment and further research.
Part Three contains the accompanying appendices for the previous two sections

Department of Psychological Health, Wellbeing and Social Work, The University of Hull
Fleming, Pete; Evans, Stephen
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