Exploring post-traumatic growth and thriving in ambulance personnel

Abdo, Molly

Clinical psychology
November 2022

Thesis or dissertation

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The portfolio thesis is composed of three parts: a systematic literature review, an empirical
paper, and appendices.
Part one is a systematic literature review, exploring the facilitators and prevalence rates of post-traumatic growth in ambulance personnel. A systematic search of five databases found eleven papers (ten quantitative and one qualitative) that met the inclusion criteria. The Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool (MMAT; Hong et al., 2018) was used to evaluate the quality of the studies, whilst narrative synthesis was used to bring the studies together. Results were grouped into five categories: coping style/strategies, resilience, personality traits, gender, and incident characteristics. Implications and suggestions for future research are outlined.
Part two is an empirical paper, which explores the experiences of thriving at work in paramedics. A sample of seven participants engaged with semi-structured interviews. Interviews were analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis. Three personal experiential themes were developed from the data “Making sense of thriving”, “Antecedents of thriving” and “Proactive support”. Clinical and research implications are discussed to further promote thriving at work in the ambulance service.
Part three contains appendices compiled from the systematic literature review and the empirical paper. This includes a reflective and epistemological statement to inform the context of the thesis portfolio

Department of Psychological Health, Wellbeing and Social Work, The University of Hull
Beckett, Joanne; Alexander, Tim (Clinical psychologist); Schlösser, Annette
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