Phyllida Law launching 'Notes to My Mother-in-Law'

Phyllida Law; Memoir; Larkin Centre; Visiting writers


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They say we all have one book in us. Phyllida Law has been harbouring hers for many years, through supporting her husband (Eric, writer of The Magic Roundabout), bringing up two actor daughters (Emma and Sophie), and enjoying her own highly successful acting life (under the name Phyllida Law, most recently seen in The Kingdom). Through some of those years her mother-in-law came to live with her. As its author succumbs to increasing deafness,  Notes to my Mother-in-Law tells the engaging story of that shared life, through the notes Phillyda left around the house. A touching tale of everyday life, with a fine actor’s sense for dialogue and timing, this will make for a delightful evening.

Recording of an event held Wednsday 4th November 2009.

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