The aims and presuppositions of religious education in Catholic and secular traditions : a comparison, with reference to spiritual development and religious education

Kalve, Peter

Education; Philosophy; Religion
September 1997

Thesis or dissertation

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Taken from start of introduction :

The purpose of this study is to analyse (1) the aims, objectives and assumptions of religious education in present-day Catholic and secular traditions, (2) to examine comparatively the similarities and dissimilarities of approach to religious education by each tradition and (3) to explore some of the issues relating to spiritual development as they arise in religious education in Catholic and secular traditions. It is the underlying thesis of this study that it is in comparing the approaches of each tradition to understanding religious education that it becomes possible to reach a fuller knowledge of what the concerns of religious education are, both in themselves, and also in the approaches and assumptions of the two traditions which are here examined.

Department of Education, The University of Hull
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