RepoMMan Guide to Fedora: The Dummies' Guide

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The RepoMMan project exists in large part to investigate the development of a workflow tool for the Fedora open-source repository software. At the time the project was conceived there was no available open-source client for Fedora, only an 'admin' client. Accordingly, Fedora 'out of the box' was a software tool with an associated, very steep learning curve and a user had to rely heavily on the documentation available on the Fedora website. As our experience developed we came to realise that the documentation appeared to lack some crucial elements and that, for a first time user, it was sometimes not easy to follow. Accordingly, the RepoMMan project team took a decision to document their development experience in the form of a supplementary Fedora manual in the hope that this would assist later adopters of the product. This is a step-by-step walk-through of our own experience and is offered as-is, without any sort of support or warranty.

This document is not intended to replace any of the Fedora documentation. Rather it is intended to be read with the Fedora materials in the hope that it will expand on some of the information there and help the reader avoid some of the pitfalls that we discovered. It may also provide a useful sequence through those materials during early work with Fedora.

This guide was written when Fedora 2.1 and 2.1.1 were the current versions. From version 2.2 (January 2007) setup has been very largely automated and new users should skip the first section. We believe that the great majority of what follows remains valid though it has not been systematically checked against the new version.

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