The development of teacher education in the Caribbean, with special reference to Antigua, Grenada and the United States Virgin Islands

Wright, John Alexander

Education; Political science; Public administration; History
June 1989

Thesis or dissertation

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The purpose of this thesis is to try to examine teacher education in certain Caribbean states through both field and documentary research and the use of case studies. The general history of the development of this sector in the Caribbean is broadly known, but only detailed local work can illuminate the general through the particular.But the aims of this study are not primarilly historical. Fundamental issues within the education and training of teachers are considered and the views of many practitioners and trainees have been gained. It is hoped that the stock of information has been enhanced and that others will care to examine some of the outcomes of the research.With these aims in mind, the structure plan of the thesis moves from the general examination of teacher education to a series of case studies, and back to comparative comment and recommendations for development. The core of the study is the succession of chapters on Grenada, Antigua and the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are many points of similarity and contrast to be gained from the comparative approach, and an attempt is made to carry through such an objective. Various factors are brought under scrutiny, in addition to the historical, for example: social, economic, geographical and political. The different colonial experiences also provide interesting points for consideration by way of explaining some of the features encountered.Having compiled and compared the idiosyncratic patterns of the three case studies, the writer attempts to bring the discussion back into the realm of educational theory and practice in a more universal sense.Numerous appendices are provided for reference, as indicated within the main text, and a selected bibliography concludes the thesis. This contains only the more significant published sources used by the writer and as a matter of policy does not repeat all of the references placed already at the end of the various chapters.Finally, it is hoped that this study will make a contribution not only to the field of teacher education in international perspective, but also to the emerging literature on the study of educational provision in small states.

Department of Education, The University of Hull
Brock, Colin
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