Localisation : a case study of Korean companies in the UK

Byun, Hyun-Young

29 March 2011

Thesis or dissertation

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This research aims to find ways to enhance understanding of how Korean companies in the UK can improve their market positions through localisation.

The thesis may be divided into three main sections. The first, which consists of chapters 1 and 2, is concerned with the way Koreans conduct business and the marketing strategies they tend to adopt. The second section, which is covered in chapters 3 to 5, is concerned with the way in which localisation has been investigated. That is, it outlines a number of different marketing theories and indicates that none of them is individually an entirely satisfactory means of describing Korean methods and marketing strategy. Two of the newer theories, the interaction and network approaches, are treated in greater detail since they are shown to be vital components of the synthesis of marketing theories which appears to be the most suitable for describing Korean methods.The third section, which comprises chapters 6 and 7, describes the empirical research itself. It shows the extent to which chaebol have achieved localisation in the UK and it provides evidence for ways that they can improve their marketing strategies.

Department of Management Systems and Sciences, The University of Hull
Smith, Phil
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