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The content, format, and level of ambiguity in the Domesday statistics can vary from county to county. These Statistics Notes aim to provide the information essential to their understanding for each county. The topics discussed for all counties are: Previous studies; Domesday circuits; the Domesday county; Duplicates; Boroughs; Geld (tax); Ploughlands; Ploughteams; Population; Woodland; Meadow; Pasture; Values; Waste. Additionally, the following topics are discussed for some but not all counties: Annexations; Crown land; Ecclesiastical fiefs; Livestock; Miscellaneous; Satellite texts; and Waste and the New Forest. Each county file concludes with the aggregated totals of the major statistics for the county, together with the totals compiled by previous authors, plus notes attempting to explain the discrepancies between these and our own totals.

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