Developments in the Jordanian system of education with special reference to in-service education and training of teachers

Halawani, Mohammad Hani

August 1990

Thesis or dissertation

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The research leading to this thesis fills a gap in the examination and literature of the Jordanian education system. It has been undertaken for that purpose, and also in coincidence with recent major reforms of education in Jordan.Before moving into an empirical study of certain aspects of the in-service education and training of teachers, the writer examines a number of important contextual and analytical areas relating to the field in question. So, after setting out the problem in question, there is an extensive but selective review of relevant literature. This includes documentation from a wide variety of national origins and hopes to provide a theoretical basis for the original fieldwork undertaken in Jordan and reported in later chapters.Clearly, as elsewhere, the socio-economic context of education in Jordan is important to understand, and especially so in a country with few natural resources and a consequent heightened significance for the quality of its human resources. Likewise, the historical development of the total system of education within which the teacher education sector resides has to be analysed and discussed. This forms Chapter Four. After this, the sector in question is examined in some detail.The sixth chapter comprises a discussion of the design and methodology of the empirical dimension of the thesis, dealing with such aspects as validity, reliability, sampling and other technical matters. This is followed by two chapters of empirical results, their presentation and analysis. This part of the thesis derives from field visits made to Jordan by the writer and is central to the research. The design and analysis were carried out with the supervision and advice of the Computer Centre.

Department of Education, The University of Hull
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