Impact of the contemporary manufacturing environment on cost accounting information systems "an Egyptian case study"

Mahmoud, Ali Gabir Salih Ali

Management; Computer integrated manufacturing systems
October 2000

Thesis or dissertation

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This thesis examines the relevance of current cost accounting systems to the manufacturing environment. Egyptian manufacturing companies in the ex-public industrial sector have suffered from relatively various obstacles, with problems in production planning and control in particular. These impediments were responsible for negative effects on costs and caused low profitability for these companies in most years. Cost accounting systems were basically established for the purpose of preparing financial statements not for operational control.The literature was reviewed to explore changes in the manufacturing environment with emphasis on the developments in production planning and control systems and also to investigate the developments in cost accounting systems.To examine this research phenomenon empirically, a case study was conducted in an Egyptian EI-Nasr automotive manufacturing company. Data was collected from published and unpublished reports and by semi-structured interviews within the case company.The thesis is divided into two main parts: Part I to cover the literature review in this area. Part II for the case study analysis. The study covered three major areas of analysis. First is an overview of all factors which shape the old and new manufacturing environments and the developments in the systems of production planning and control. Second is a detailed investigation of the traditional and new cost accounting systems. Third is the main findings and conclusion including exposing the relationship between the different planning and control systems and the various cost accounting systems. It also includes a wide range of suggestions for improving the cost accounting systems of the studied case company.The major findings of this study were that manufacturing environment played a significant role in designing cost accounting systems. It concluded that planning capabilities of the company and suppliers play a significant role in the process of cost reduction and improve the competitive position.

Business School, The University of Hull
Bond, Chris
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