Juvenile delinquency in Saudi Arabia : with special reference to the use of free time among delinquent youth in Riyadh City

Al-Shethry, Abdulaziz H.

Sociology; Human services
May 1993

Thesis or dissertation

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This study examines the impact of free time activities and companions on juvenile delinquency in the city of Riyadh, in the context of social change in Saudi society as a whole, as new forms of leisure and recreation seem to have arisen as a result of the process of urbanization taking place in the country.The field work was conducted in 1990-91 in the Social Observation Home in Riyadh. Social survey and case study methods were employed in the research.The findings of the study show that the major factors influencing juvenile delinquency in the city of Riyadh, fall into four groups concerning: the family, the school, the community and the society. As expected, the recent economic growth in Saudi Arabia has had a particular influence upon the situation of the youth in the society, in various social and cultural aspects, as a result of the cultural contact with foreigners in and outside the Kingdom and other factors.It is found that the peer-group has a strong influence on its members through many aspects of play, enjoyment, friendship and passing time which may, eventually, lead them to misbehaviour and delinquency. The impact of delinquent companions is visible from many indications: a) The majority of the sample had committed their offences in groups. b) A large number of them mentioned the desire to follow or please friends as the reason for committing the offence. c) Most importantly, about two thirds of the whole sample reported that they had friends with a previous history of delinquency.

Department of Sociology, The University of Hull
Shaw, Martin, 1947-
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Jamiʻat al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saʻud al-Islamiyah
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