An analysis of grammatical and associated errors found in the writing of third grade Saudi male students in four high schools in the city of Riyadh

Al-Majed, Hamad A.

Linguistics; Education
October 1996

Thesis or dissertation

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The main aim of the thesis is to identify and analyse the types and frequency of grammatical, lexical and general linguistic errors made in the Arabic composition writings of the third year high school students in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This study is to provide information that can be utilised in the improvement of teaching of the grammatical rules of the Arabic language to public school students. The approach is descriptive, analytical and classificatory.Chapter one deals with the research problem, aims and significance of the study, and also discusses the limitations of the study.Chapter two reviews the background to Arabic grammar in the Saudi educational system in the country, particularly in the secondary school system.Chapter three is an extensive literature review on the background of grammatical errors and Arabic grammatical rules.Chapter four examines the prevalence of grammatical errors, their causes and complaints.Chapter five reviews the efforts and attempts to simplify Arabic grammatical rules as a reaction to the dilemma of Arabic grammar and the prevalence of the grammatical errors.Chapter six deals with the research design and methodology of the study undertaken.Chapter seven presents and analysis the main results of this study. It starts with frequency of the grammatical errors and the percentage of the students who committed grammatical errors. This chapter also presents the frequency of types of errors for each grammatical component and finally it highlights the general linguistic errors found in the students' writings.Chapter eight, which is the final chapter, is devoted to a conclusion and implications for practice and future research.

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