Visual imagery, mood, and goal appraisal in bipolar disorder

Anstey, Hannah Elisabeth

Clinical psychology
September 2011

Thesis or dissertation

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The following portfolio consists of three parts: a systematic literature review, an empirical study and a set of appendices.Part one is a systematic literature review, in which the theoretical, conceptual and empirical literature related to goal processes in bipolar disorder is reviewed. The review begins with an overview of the research in this area, and in particular the Behavioral Activation System dysregulation theory of bipolar disorder. It continues with a rationale for the current review. The paper describes the methods used to obtain included studies, and synthesises the results into conceptually similar goal processes. An overview of the findings and limitations of the research is followed by an analysis of the limitations of the review, clinical implications, suggestions for future research and conclusions.Part two is an empirical paper, which explores whether a novel imagery task and novel goal appraisal task are useful methods for the investigation of whether mood episodes in bipolar disorder are related to cognitive processes that amplify the effect of imagery in bipolar disorder. The effect of visual and verbal processing on mood and goal appraisal for participants in a control group are considered and compared to a small clinical group. The preliminary research findings and conclusions are followed by a discussion of the study’s clinical limitations and implications for future research.Part three comprises the appendices, which support the previous two parts. This includes a reflective statement and critical appraisal of the research process.

Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Therapies, The University of Hull
Lam, Dominic; Rogish, Miles
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