Introducing computers into secondary school science teaching in Saudi Arabia : teachers' views, some problems and possible solutions

Al-Mohaissin, Ibrahim Abdullah

March 1993

Thesis or dissertation

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The main aims of the study were to investigate the possibility of introducing computers for science teaching into Saudi Arabian secondary education, to identify problems which might attend their introduction, and to suggest possible solutions.

A preliminary study was carried out in March and April 1991. Interview schedules were used to interview 17 science teachers, 7 computer studies teachers and 3 trainers. The findings of this study were used to confirm the structure and scope of the main study.

The main study was carried out between January and April 1992. 266 science teachers (ST), 15 science advisors (STA), 16 science teacher trainers (STT), and 38 computer studies teachers (CST) were included in the study.

Each of the four samples showed strongly favourable attitudes toward the introduction of computers into the science classroom. On the other hand lack of awareness about using computers to aid science teaching was detected among the three science samples.

The findings of STs showed that the ownership of a personal computer (PC) is the strongest related variable to attitudes toward the introduction of computers into science teaching. Other variables significantly related to most of the scales and factors, included length of experience, and computer
knowledge. Few science teachers' activities show significant relationships with their attitudes generally.

The findings of STTs showed that the ownership of PC and knowledge about wordprocessors in teaching were significantly related to attitudes. Little relationship between computer knowledge and attitudes was found.

No significant relationships were found between any variable and attitudes for both STAs and CSTs samples.

The final two chapters conclude with some problems facing the introduction of computers into Saudi Arabian secondary school science teaching, with suggestions for proposed course-design for science teachers, science teacher trainees and science trainers. Some other features related to teachers' computer training are also covered.

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