Pathways in the music of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies: from precursor works to the first two symphonies

Phillips, J. P. N.

November 2011

Thesis or dissertation

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This thesis presents analyses of the first and second symphonies of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. It starts with an introductory part consisting of two chapters outlining the overall structure of what follows and describing four features and a number of devices found repeatedly in Davies’s music. This part is followed by three parts each consisting of an introductory chapter describing and explaining one of the three serial structures used by Davies, transposition squares, transformation processes and magic squares: in each part, the introductory chapter is followed by one or more chapters giving analyses of the orchestral works by Davies using the device. The third of these three parts deals with magic squares, and the orchestral work analysed is the Symphony No. 1: the following part also deals with magic squares, and presents an analysis of the Symphony No. 2. The thesis concludes with a fifth part consisting of a single chapter giving a retrospect, and prospects for future work.

Department of Music, The University of Hull
Borthwick, Alastair, 1964-; Dale, Catherine; Elsdon, Peter
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