Records management and digital preservation using Fedora and iCalendar

JISC; e-SIG; REMAP; Records management and digital preservation (RMDP); Open Repositories 2008 (OR08)


Creative Commons Licence: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England and Wales. See:

Open Repositories 2008 (OR08): Powerpoint presentation. The RepoMMan project set out to consider how a range of BPEL-orchestrated web services could be brought together to allow a user to interact easily with private workspace in a Fedora-based institutional repository and how the web services might ease the transition from a private work-in-progress to a formally exposed object in the repository complete with metadata. That project is now complete. The University, this time working with partners Spoken Word Services at Glasgow Caledonian University, has been fortunate to secure further funding from the JISC for the REMAP Project. REMAP takes up more or less where RepoMMan left off and exploits the BPEL-orchestrated Web Services environment to add value to digital objects at the point they are moved to the outward-facing area of the institutional repository. In particular, the REMAP toolset will build into this process a system for ongoing records management and digital preservation (RMDP).

The University of Hull


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