The caring experience of staff carers working with adults with learning disability and dementia

Moore, Charlotte Lucy

Clinical psychology
June 2012

Thesis or dissertation

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This Portfolio Thesis consists of three parts, the first being a Systematic Literature review entitled ‘A Systematic Review into the Factors that Affect the Experience of Residential Staff Caring for Adults with Learning Disability: a United Kingdom Perspective’; the second is an empirical paper entitled ‘The Caring Experience of Staff Carers Working with Adults with Learning Disability and Dementia’; and the final part is the Appendices.

Part One: The Systematic Literature Review examines the factors that affect the experience of staff carers working with adults with learning disability within the United Kingdom, as reported by published research. A systematic search of the literature was conducted. Four databases were searched and 13 papers were found that met the inclusion and exclusion criteria that were set out by the researcher. The findings of these papers are set out within the review as well as a discussion of the limitations of these papers and the impact they may have on clinical practise.

Part Two: The Empirical Paper reports the findings of a qualitative study into the experience of care staff working with individuals with both a learning disability and dementia. Interviews were conducted with nine participants and then interpretative phenomenological analysis was used to analyse the transcripts of these interviews. The themes identified during this analysis are discussed, along with how these themes link to previous studies, the clinical implications of the findings, the limitations of the study and future areas for research.

Part Three: The Appendices contains additional information for the Systematic Literature Review and the Empirical Paper as well as a Reflective Statement.

Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Therapies, The University of Hull
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