Children's experiences of dyslexia and transition

Stevens, Ruth Felicia

Clinical psychology
June 2012

Thesis or dissertation

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The portfolio has three parts:

Part one is a systematic literature review, in which the empirical literature relating to the effect of having dyslexia on self-esteem in children, is reviewed and critically evaluated. It aimed to explore the impact of having dyslexia on self-esteem in children and adolescents to gain a greater understanding of this relationship.

Part two is an empirical paper, which explores children with dyslexia experience and parents perception of the experience of the transition from primary school to secondary school. In order to achieve this, semi structured interviews were carried out with children aged 11- 12 in year seven of mainstream secondary school alongside parents of these children. These interviews were analysed through interpretative phenomenological analysis and emerging themes were discussed and linked to previous research in this area. The clinical implications and methodological limitations are also discussed and other potential areas of research are considered.

Part three consists of the appendix, which provides further information in relation to the systematic literature review and the empirical paper. Also, it incorporates a reflective statement.

Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Therapies, The University of Hull
Schlösser, Annette
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