The boria : A study of a Malay theatre in its socio-cultural context

Rahmah Azman

Sociology; Literature; Mass media; Performing arts
July 1977

Thesis or dissertation

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[From the introduction]:
This thesis is a study of the boria, a popular form of Malay theatrical entertainment. In it I attempt to distinguish significant elements in the boria and analyse them in the context of modern Malaysia. Central to the study is a description and analysis of the boria as a drama form today, with particular concentration on characters, stories, songs and music, together with the mechanics of performance. An attempt is made by considering the themes, performers and audience, to investigate boria in the society where it is best developed, that is, in the Malay society of Penang. This involves setting the boria in its historical, political and socio-cultural context. It further requires placing it in the wider perspectives of Malaysian national policies for cultural development and the scholarly study of the performing arts of South-East Asia.

Department of Sociology, The University of Hull
Hill, Lewis G.; King, Victor T.
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