RepoMMan Report on research user requirements interview data

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Six researchers from the University of Hull were interviewed at length, taking between 75 and 90 minutes each. The outline structure of the interviews is described in project document R-D2 "Criteria for research user interviews". The researchers were drawn from five different disciplines, Biology, Law, Business, History, and Medical Research in an attempt to get a variety of viewpoints on what it is to 'do research'. In the event, there is much commonality between their approaches.

The main part of the interview concerned researchers' current practice and their responses therefore focus largely on the process of developing a journal paper rather than on other forms of publishing that may be available in the future. Some of the interviewees were aware of the possibilities offered by on-line publishing and of the possibility of publishing other forms of research output - for instance, supporting datasets. (Indeed, one interviewee was very positive about the benefits of (rapid) electronic publishing in his fast-moving field.) The initial stages of the RepoMMan project seek to understand and cater for current research practice before developing support for a wider range of methodologies and research outputs.

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