Developing an understanding of the experiences of south Asian women with gestational diabetes mellitus living in the UK

Spratt, Amy

Clinical psychology
June 2013

Thesis or dissertation

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This portfolio thesis includes 3 parts: a systematic literature review; an empirical paper and appendices.

Part one is a systematic literature review, considering the experiences of diagnosis and management of diabetes mellitus of South Asian people living in the UK. The review attempts to determine how culturally specific experiences may impact on illness perceptions for this population, links to theory and clinical implications are then discussed.

Part two is an empirical report of a qualitative study aimed at understanding the experiences and illness perceptions of South Asian women with first diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). The results are discussed to propose an understanding of how these experiences effect pregnancy and perceptions of illness. These are then discussed with reference to theory and clinical implications.

Part three comprises appendices; a reflective statement which draws on personal experiences and reflects on the research process and an epistemological statement describing the epistemological position of the research.

Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Therapies, The University of Hull
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