The analysis of the accession of Sultanate of Oman to the World Trade organization (WTO) and its consequences

Al-Khusaibi, Yahya Nasser Mansoor


Thesis or dissertation

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Literature on the accession of developing countries to the World Trade Organization (WTO) shows two opposing views on the effectiveness and efficiency of their system. In the light of these views, this study analyses the accession of Oman to the WTO and the consequences arising from this accession, focusing on the importance of international economic integration -as one of the key issues now facing Oman represented by the successful outcome of the Uruguay Round GATT negotiations establishing the WTO. In addition, it examines the importance of economic integration with Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) States, which is listed as amongst the most important policies that can help the Sultanate to benefit from the conditions of the international environment. In this context, the thesis explains the accession process of Oman and the commitments arising from its negotiations of accession. Moreover, the study provides an analysis of the WTO Agreements and their impacts for Oman in selected sectors and industries, these being: the petrochemical industry; the manufacturing industry; the agriculture sector, and the banking sector.

This study leads to the conclusion that the trade policies framework of Oman imposes limitations and inefficiency in dealing with the WTO issues, so that only certain groups will benefit if these situations continue. From here, in order to face the negative consequences and maximize the benefits from her accession to the WTO, recommendations are suggested for Oman, these being: administrative reforms; according the private sector a greater role, and co-ordinating Oman's economic policies with those of other GCC States.

Law School, The University of Hull
Borght, Kim van der
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