Teacher performance characteristics and pupil outcomes within science classrooms in Kuwaiti high schools

Al-Methen, Amena Ebraheem Hussain Ali

April 1983

Thesis or dissertation

© 1983 Amena Ebraheem Hussain Ali Al-Methen. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the copyright holder.

No one can deny the wealth of information that has been gained in the last seventy years or so, in relation to what happens in classrooms and about relationships between teachers' behaviours and other variables related to the quality of teaching.

The main purpose of this study was to:

1) see how science has been introduced in some Kuwaiti high schools;
2) examine the effects the adopted methods of teaching may have had on Kuwaiti pupils' intellectual outcomes;
3) examine the effects the sex of pupils /teachers may have had on the intellectual attainments of the observed fourth grade high school pupils;
4) assess how pupils perceived their science teachers' behaviours and to compare these perceptions with those of science supervisors, in Kuwait, of these same teachers;
5) examine the effects the sex of pupils/teachers may have had on the perception of pupils to the characteristics of their science teachers
6) locate variables related to both the behaviours of the observed science teachers, in their classrooms, and the teacher-pupil classroom interaction variables that affected the achievement of science pupils. Thus this present research is the first comprehensive observational study undertaken of science teaching in Kuwaiti high schools.

Department of Educational Studies, The University of Hull
Wilkinson, W. J.
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