Skills for scientists : employability resource pack

20 September 2011


This pack is a structured resource that can be used as a complete module or as individual exercises to support other career-based activities. The aim is to provide academics with a range of easy to implement activities that develop undergraduate key skills in an employment context. The resources have been designed specifically for the physical sciences community. The direct relevance of the activities to the physical science enables students to relate their skill development to their studies and see the links to future employment.

A Tutor's Guide accompanies each activity. The guide outlines the aim and nature of the relevant student activity and, where applicable, a suggested assessment scheme is included. The student activity sheets clearly set out what is required and contain any relevant additional information as handouts.

The activities are divided into five main categories:

* Considering career options and skills employers are looking for
* The skills that are needed to obtain interviews and secure employment ie CV writing and interview technique
* Developing communication and presentation skills
* Getting the most benefit from careers services and recruitment fairs
* Thinking ahead in a professional way

These relate to the five sections of the resource pack:

* Starting out
* Skills development
* Achieving results
* Finding information
* Looking forward and maintaining prefessionalism

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